Roof mounted system

Also known as “close coupled system”, means both solar collector and storage tank are mounted on the roof.

Neopower roof mounted solar hot water systems are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof mounted solar collectors and storage tanks, which are ideal for applications that are short of available ground space. Roof mounted systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps.

200L Tank 2 Flat Panel, Gas Boosted Roof Mounted System
  • Ideal for limited ground space
  • Auto water circulation from themosiphon effect, no pump needed
  • Stainless steel water tank, strong against corrosion
  • Roof mounted open loop range offers maximum performance and solar contribution via direct heat transfer

How the roof mounted system works

  • Cold water is connected to the bottom of the panel through a series of pipes.
  • Water is heated up by sunlight, and then moves up the panel and into the tank and pushes the cold water out, starting a cycle of warming
  • The cycle continues as long as the sun keeps shining through the day.
 Tank capacityLength(mm)Diameter(mm)Weight(kg)
Horizontal Water tank 200L 1488 540 26.5
300L 2182 540 37


Flat plate solar collectors (FPC)

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 2005 x 1005 x 90
Aperture area (m2) 1.94
Weight (kg) 38
Glass Type 3.2mm Toughened Glass
Absorber Coating Blue Titanium – Selective
Casting Material Aluminium Alloy
  • Easy installation, long service life
  • Collector models for high and low solar radiation areas
  • Toughened glass and durable copper waterway tubes
  • High blue selective coating, high absorbing efficiency
  • Laser welding technology, heat faster, heat loss less

Gas Booster Specifications

Rating (l/min @25 rise) 20 26
Energy Star Rating 6 5.8
Thermal Efficiency (%) 80.5 79.6
Weight (kg) 14 17.2
Height*Width*Depth (mm) 520*350*170 542*350*320
Water Inlet Pressure (kPa) 340-1200
Gas Connection (mm) 20 BSP
Water Connection (mm) 15 BSP
Ignition Electronic
Gas Type Natural/ LPG (Propane)
Electrical Supply Voltage (V) 240
residential warranty

10 Years Heat Exchanger

3 Years Parts and Labour

Roof mounted system

ModelTank CapacityCollectorsBoosterSTCs Z1STCs Z2STCs Z3STCs Z4
STC-T200L-N26-D2 200L 2 Panel Gas(26L/min) 36 40 34 30
STC-T200L-E0-D2 200L 2 Panel Electric 36 40 35 31
STC-T300L-N26-D2 300L 2 Panel Gas(26L/min) 35 40 34 29
STC-T300L-E0-D2 300L 2 Panel Electric 37 41 35 31