Water tank

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  • Ternary Overheat and Overpressure Protections. Thermostat, Overheat ECO, and TP Relief Value.
  • Quality Super Thick Steel Plate. The special quality 2.5mm-3.5mm steel plate shaped by automatic bending roll machine and welded by imported program-controlled welding facilities, ensures the excellent pressure-bearing ability of the vitreous enamel tank.
  • Vitreous Enamel Tank. The enamel frit for interior tank is provided by the professional enamel supplier. We wet spray the enamel frit onto the steel plate that has been degreased and hot-blasted, and then sinter it at 900 so that the enamel lining and the steel plate fuse together. This enables the Neopower tanks’s resistance to corrosion, fatigue and impact.
  • Super Large Anode Protection. The quality anode magnesium rob is made according to the German DIN4753 standard. It is twice as big as that in other electric water heaters in order to better protect that tank from corrosion.
  • Environment-friendly Fluoride-free Polyurethane Foaming Insulation Layer. Super thick fluoride-free polyurethane froths evenly under high pressure so that it has great heat retention. The tank is able to still deliver hot water even after 24 hours if required.
  • Hight Qulity Colorbond Steel Shell. The colorbond steel shell looks elegant, and wears well because it is water-proof and corrosion-resistant meeting the IP34 standard. This kind of water heater can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  Description  250 Litre 315 Litre400 Litre 
TANK  A (mm)  Height  1388  1700  1711
 B (mm)  Hot water outlet  1167  1464  1474
 C (mm)  Cold water inlet  74  74  74
 D (mm)  Collector cold flow(sensor port)  74  74  74 
 E (mm)  Collector hot return  574  574  574
 F (mm)  PTR valve  1167  1464  1474
 G (mm)  Diameter  648  648  730
 Weight  Kilograms (empty)  84  102  150

water tank

  • Wide range of tank sizes (250, 315 and 400L)
  • Vertical tank structure increases efficiency
  • Vitreous enamel lined steel with sacrificial anode for long life even in hard water areas
  • Durable Colorbond weather proof casing
  • Robust construction with high density thermal insulation