Solar hot water frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is the evacuated tube panel more efficient than the flat plate panel system?

A The keys to achieve higher efficiency are to maximize solar heat gain and minimize heat loss. Inside each evacuated tube, a special coating absorbs solar heat and transfers this to an inner copper tube. Having an evacuated space between the two fused glass tubes provides perfect insulation and also maximizes the heat being transferred to the inner tube. Evacuated tube collectors are up to 80% more efficient than flat panel collectors sold on the market today. Flat panel solar collectors generally have poor insulation features, causing them to have increased convective heat loss. This alone decreases their efficiency significantly in the colder months, as heat is lost quickly from the panel. Flat panel systems can produce very good heat output similar to evacuated tube collectors in the warmer months; however they perform very poorly during the cooler months, requiring a greater reliance on back up energy to maintain a good, constant supply of hot water.

What happens if the Evacuated Tubes are damaged in a storm or broken by accident?

A The Neopower collector tubes are made from extremely clear and strong borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to damage under various weather conditions. However, if a glass tube is broken, the system will still work and there is no heat loss except from the broken tube. The tube is easily replaceable.

Will a Neopower hot water system work on winter and cloudy days?

A The vacuum between the tubes in our system virtually eliminates heat loss to the external air, thus making these collectors particularly useful in areas with cold and cloudy winters; even in areas with the coldest temperature reached is -40ºC.

Why do evacuated tube panels work longer hours than flat plate panels?

A The cylindrically constructed evacuated glass tubes allow them to absorb sunlight perpendicularly from all directions. Neopower Evacuated glass tubes will pick up more solar energy from sunrise till sunset allowing them to achieve higher temperature and with greater efficiency. With flat plate panels, the sun is only perpendicular to the collector around noon each day. Therefore evacuated glass tube panels will pick up solar energy from sunrise till sunset which achieves both higher temperatures and higher efficiencies than flat plate collector.

Does the high efficiency last long?

A The results of stagnation tests by laboratories show Neopower collectors can maintain optimal efficiency performance. That means our collectors can work for many years as good as new.

Is a Neopower Hot Water System a good investment for me?

A Air conditioners and heaters are seasonal expense appliances, while hot water is a constant daily expense to the family home. Savings can be huge when you connect an evacuated tube solar H/W system to your home. Fuel bills will be drastically reduced as you are taking free energy from the environment as an alternative for high cost Gas & Electricity. In Australia, the full cost to purchase a Neopower H/W system can be recovered in as little as 4 years taking into account current government rebates.

Can the Neopower Solar collector be mounted on a flat roof?

A Yes. Neopower Collectors can be mounted on a flat surface at 5+ degrees or by using a frame.

Can we get Government rebates for purchasing a Neopower Hot Water System?

A Yes. All the models of Neopower Hot Water Heaters are accredited by ORER (Office of Renewable Energy Regulator). Government rebates are available for most of the systems being replaced today. Rebates differ significantly from state to state.