Solar water heater -how it works

Neopower solar hot water system can be used on Residential, Business and Commercial buildings. The basic evacuated tube solar heating principal remains the same:

  • The evacuated tube solar collector captures the sun’s light and heat energy.

    Neopower collector used vacuum tube as heat absorber, the aluminum fin and heat pipe as heat carrier. The coating on the inner cover of the vacuum tubes converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to the heat pipes by aluminium fins. The liquid within the heat pipe changes into vapor which rises to the condenser unit (at the top). The heat then passes through the heat exchanger and the vapor becomes liquid, returning to the bottom of the heat pipe. The heat conducts to the heat transfer liquid ( water) via a copper pipe. This transference of heat into the liquid creates a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun. So once and once again, the cold water will be heated and become hot water.


  • A circulation pump pushes water through the solar collector, transferring the captured heat into the water.
  • The heat is then stored in a tank, which continually heats throughout the day.
  • Hot water is drawn from the storage tank into the household when hot taps are opened.