Neopower evacuated tube system warranty

This warranty is provided by Imaca Pty Ltd (Neopower). It applies to Neopower Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heaters installed in a single family dwelling only and is provided only to those acquiring the water heaters as consumers within the meaning of the Australian Consumer Law. The terms of the warranty are effective from the date the water heater is installed. Neopower may verify this date by requesting a copy of the compliance certificate that accompanied the installation. The compliance certificate is mandatory in all Australian states and territories.

Water in direct flow through the solar hot water system must firstly meet potable water requirements and in addition the following:

Total dissolved solids  <600 p.p.m
Total hardness  <200 p.p.m
Total Chloride  <250 p.p.m
Free Chlorine  <5 p.p.m
Magnesium  <10 p.p.m 
Calcium hardness  <200 p.p.m
Alkalinity  <150 p.p.m

If the water quality can’t meet the above requirements, Neopower solar hot water will not be covered by the warranty.

Imaca Pty Ltd is responsible for reasonable costs associated with legitimate warranty claims, including call-out of an authorised Neopower service provider to inspect the faulty product. Imaca Pty Ltd is not responsible for: (a) costs for tradespeople that are not authorised Neopower service providers; or (b) any costs, including call-out costs for an authorized Neopower service provider, associated with a product which is determined upon inspection not to be covered by this warranty.

Any inspection, service, repair or replacement activities associated with warranty on Neopower products must be authorised by Imaca Pty Ltd before commencement.

Where the appliance has not been sited in accordance with the installation instructions or installed such that normal service access is difficult, a service charge will apply. If at the discretion of the attending service person, access is deemed dangerous, service will be refused. Any work required to gain reasonable access to the appliance will be chargeable by the attending service person (for example, removal of cupboards, doors, walls, or the use of special equipment to move components to floor level, but not limited to these).

Where a failed component is replaced under warranty, the balance of the original appliance warranty will remain effective. The replacement part or appliance does not carry a new warranty.

Warranty periods

Neopower warrants that the following water heater components will remain free of defects for the specified periods from the date of installation:

Item Warranty Period –Parts Only (year) Warranty Period –Parts and Labour (year)
Storage Tank Cylinders (Enamel) 10 1
Storage Tank Cylinders (Stainless Steel) 15 1
Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors 15 1
Gas Booster (Heat Exchanger) 10 3
Gas Booster (Parts) 3 3
Electric Element 1 1
Groundfos Circulation Pump 2 1
Solar Controller 1 1
Parts 1 1
  • To the extent a claim falls under the ‘Parts Only’ Warranty Period the Warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of such failed component in the Neopower Solar Hot Water Heating System free of charge. However, the transport, installation and labour costs of repairing the component or delivering the replacement component and removing and replacing the existing component will be the responsibility of the Customer of the existing Neopower Solar Hot Water Heating System.
  • All other components supplied by Neopower, including valves, elements, thermostats and sacrificial anodes include 1 year parts & labour .
  • Neopower gives no warranty in relation to components not supplied by Neopower, for example tempering valves and cold water valve assemblies used by installers. Subject to the conditions and exclusions specified in this warranty, Neopower will at its own expense repair or replace any defective water heater component covered by this warranty as soon as reasonably practicable after the consumer has reported the defect to Neopower.

Procedure to make a claim under the warranty

Upon discovering a suspected defect, consumers should immediately report the suspected defect:

  • To the installer or supplier, if the suspected defect arises as a result of the installation of the water heater or relates to any components not covered by this warranty. 
  • To Neopower on the phone number 1300 062 788 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during the relevant warranty period, if the suspected defect relates to any components covered by this warranty.

Specific exclusions

The above is subject to an area within a 50 kilometre radius of the Neopower Distributor or Branch from where the unit was purchased. Customers outside this area will be subject to any freight costs and any travelling charges incurred by the Neopower representative carrying out rectification work.

An ‘after hours’ service fee will apply to warranty calls made outside of normal business hours. For warranty purposes, typical business hours are classified as the hours from 8.00AM to 5.00PM Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

To the extent permitted by law Neopower does not accept liability under this warranty:

  1. If any component of the water heater has been installed, repaired, repositioned or modified by a person other than an appropriately qualified person approved by Neopower in accordance with Neopower’s installation and maintenance instructions and relevant local and statutory requirements;
  2. For loss or damage caused by a fault or defect in the installation of the water heater;
  3. If there is damage to the collector by hail or other means;
  4. The services required in manual section 3.10 are not performed. Such as the anode has not been changed as the Five Year Service; the PTR valve has not been changed as the Five Year Service etc.
  5. If a cold water expansion valve, check valve and strainer is not fitted in areas where mains pressure is likely to exceed 500 kPa;
  6. For any damage arising as a result of an accident, act of god or other circumstances beyond Neopower’s control;
  7. For frost damage to Neopower solar water heaters due to temperatures below -12°c, Climate information on the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology website ( contains historical minimum temperature data and will be used by Imaca Pty Ltd to confirm the cause of failure.;
  8. For frost damage to Neopower solar water heaters where a failure of the pump, control system or power supply results in the in-built frost protection system being unable to operate when required;
  9. For components not supplied by Neopower that are used in the installation of Neopower solar water heaters eg. Tempering valves, cold water valve assemblies, etc.
  10. For extended or implied warranties not formally provided by Neopower;
  11. For external labour or equipment costs (eg. Cranes and lifting devices) required for repairs;
  12. For costs incurred for rectifying faults (or perceived faults) not directly attributed to the Neopower solar water heater; 
  13. For travel costs of service agents that exceed 50 kilometres;
  14. For all consequential loss or damage arising from defects that can lawfully be excluded;
  15. For any other issues not directly attributable to defects in components supplied by Neopower including:

a. Damage caused by incorrect commissioning;

b. Leakage from valves not supplied by Neopower;

c. Leakage from the pressure temperature relief valve where the water pressure or temperature exceeds the limits specified in Neopower’s installation and maintenance instructions;

d. Water hammer;

e. External rust on the storage tank;

f. Insufficient hot water because: 

i. the consumer refuses to use the auxiliary booster;

ii. of an incorrectly set or faulty tempering or mixing valve;

iii. of faulty or incomplete installation;

iv. the water heater is too small for its required purpose; v. of insufficient water flow as a result of “water saving” tap-ware or appliances (for gas water heaters only);

vi. of undersized gas lines (for gas water heaters only);

vii. of blown fuses, “tripped” electrical switches or inadequate household electrical wiring;

viii. of incorrect selection of gas type (gas water heaters only); or

ix. insufficient water flow caused by debris accumulating in water strainer (gas water heaters only)


The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to any other rights and remedies available to the consumer under a law in relation to the goods or services to which the warranty relates.

Neopower’s goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Consumers are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. Consumers are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.