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Neopower Solar Hot Water System and LED lighting

Neopower Solar Hot Water System and LED lighting is proudly brought to you by Imaca Pty Ltd. Imaca is to deliver the most reliable and efficient solar water heaters to fit the lifestyles of today’s modern households. All Neopower solar hot water systems have been designed and manufactured with the consumer in mind. They have been manufactured under strict quality assurance and manufacturing controls that comply with WaterMark and OceanaMark. With our excellent product quality, we are confident to offer you the long warranty.

On August 12, 2010 Neopower solar water heaters have met the stringent Australian solar hot water system requirements, complied with AS/NZS 2712 - Solar and heat pump water heaters. Imaca Pty Ltd has successfully gained the Australian Certificate, Certificate No. OMK30017.

In December, 2010 Neopower solar water heaters have registered with ORER (Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator). The renewable energy certificates (RECs) created by the Neopower solar hot water system are certificated by the Australian Government. Which means the installation of Neopower solar hot water system is able to claim generous RECs rebate along with other Federal Government and Local Government rebates and incentives.

Imaca Pty Ltd provide a complete range of system: different tanks (250L, 315L and 400L), evacuated tube/ flat panel, gas boosted/ electric boosted, vitreous enamel tank/ stainless steel tank, residential/ commercial systems etc.

Since 2013 Imaca Pty Ltd doesn’t only supply solar hot water, but also distribute high quality LED lightings as well.

Neopower products have excellent quality, are extremely reliable and comes with long and thoughtful services.

Contact Us

Address: 1 Jellico Drive, Scoresby, Victoria 3179
Phone: 1300 062 788
                  03 8740 3556

Fax: 03 8288 1385
E-mail: info@neopower.com.au
Website: www.neopower.com.au

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